Having fun with Elastisearch, Kibana and Alfresco

A few days ago I was reviewing the new Alfresco Analytics sub-product/module.
This made me think about how to reproduce the same kind of information using ELK stack (Elasticsearch + Logstash + Kibana) and this is the meaning of the current blog post, explain how it works (at high level) :

  1. Prepare Elasticsearch index, creating the appropiate mapping (content structure and field tipologies basically).
  2. Create a Logstash "connector" to extract Alfresco contents information and store it in Elasticsearch index, periodically.
  3. Setup the use of Elasticsearch index in Kibana and have fun creating a lot of really nice statistical information, in a easy way.

In new posts I will explain the low level basis per each of these "components".

Cheers and let's continue Making IT Simple!

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